Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for 2019)

Forex traders that I have no idea about trading Forex sorry to most of you it’s not some easy little tip or hack or some indicator that’s not what this is if you came looking for that you’re worried about finding that one or hacked to be to 45 trillion. How ridiculous is that even sound so no it’s nothing like that it’s actually far more important, show you how it all goes down and after I tell you what this is you may not even believe it exists to some people lazy and don’t think things through they’re going to think right away this is some kind of conspiracy every day over and over again and I had to have it towed to me and I did buy a guy who taught me a lot about 4X Burly on some of you guys my name is Michael and really smart Trader a very eccentric Trader and I he would fly off the handle often is Twitter feed was great this is very reclusive right now.

Austin Distel

But I figured out something that most people have never learned in there and honestly right now let’s do this now my question to you is who controls price who makes price go up and down on any currency pair on the Forex Market it’s not us it’s not like socks to wear you have enough people flood into a stock or enough people leave us stock that’s going to make the price go up or down us vs them we as traitors are fighting this big bad entity is making price go up and down and is taking our money but number one Forex strategy in the world is to know your enemy and why would you not do this if you pop fire and you had a serious price by tomorrow would you really just not study your enemy at all not know what they do with their Tendencies are what they like and what they don’t like no course you would. You would know them better than of themselves you were dissecting inside that’s why you’re as good as you are if you are a top football team you have game film on every opponent out there and you study it so you know exactly how to go beat him even though there is absolutely an us-versus-them scenario going on every single day like I said so let me tell you right now our enemy is what I refer to as the big Banks there is something called interbank and interbank as a whole is responsible for making price go up and down but there are 45 World bank’s out there that control over 50% of spot Forex Traders they get to take our money over and over again every single day for the most part these are the main players is far as I know those for the last couple years or might have been some Chinese Banks moving into the game.

I do know it’s a top-four for sure and boys are good to be king because here’s what they do go up I need extra money because we are a constant replenishing cycle of money and this just keeps happening every single day if you ever lose money in your account or do you think it goes It goes to the big Banks and they have ultimate control that’s pretty scary give you a sneak preview of how you beat this and the way you beat this is to not be popular you do not want to be the popular kid in this situation of the popular kids get picked on over and over again in the Forex Market is the opposite of high school let’s talk about Nick and see where our money is sitting in every currency not you individually I know all the money right now that’s really good to know but it doesn’t just stop there they also know if there are long water sitting above price take those orders are Savannah Lee can see the present they can see the future yeah must be nice cuz now the decisions easy all I got to do is find out where the popular kids are where are the majority of the money is sitting and just take price the other way because those people are going to give up and relinquish their money over to the banks overtime and the Traders were going to break this down even further cuz I want to make sure a real life scenario and let’s just say there right now 65% of all the money out there trading on the pound dollar is long and 35% of short and in this exercise you are actually going you are one of the popular kids that we’re going to be good to know what the banks know and you have decided to go long let’s go to a chart on shooting this on the weekend take our time here now