Facts About Jupiter That Science Cannot Begin To Explain yet

Top 10 fresh finds proving Jupiter is a weird place attend lightning strikes in English Love at First Sight & Friends they say coup de foudre which literally means a lightning strike because it used to be so sudden and mysterious over the Millennia lightning was profoundly unfathomable I was often seen as something to do with the gods but we have to think Benjamin Franklin and 1750 to be taking the mystery out to the phenomenon it was he who established Beyond doubt that it was purely electrical in nature it results from two electrically charged areas of the atmosphere of the planet solo know around suspected to have lightning and Strikes on Jupiter and first Jupiter’s lightning very distant from here for some reason the stripes and the gas giant only appear to release low frequency radio waves Arizona they range from Blue megahertz to very high frequencies in 2018 the Juno spacecraft sold that particular conundrum Jupiter’s lightning also admitted radio waves caused by previous crime scene adequate sensing equipment the greatest concentration is in the equatorial regions but some undetermined reason it’s the other way around on Jupiter but then Jupiter is virtually all gas so that may have something to do with it.

Greg Rakozy @grakozy
Greg Rakozy @grakozy

And Gustav Holst roaches sudden movement orchestral Suite the planets in 1916 particularly Joni about that until recently it was in 2018 the Juno spacecraft flew by Jupiter reaching the suddenly it was a huge rush of Jupiter wasn’t composing its own music it was an entry phenomenal but this time with a spacecraft plastic 2 hours zip 250,000 miles per hour number 8 bus well place to be Jupiter’s mass is 300 times. To be rats but the Goliath wasn’t always so loud sump pumps were more dense than Jupiter smashed into Jupiter the force was so great that rather than adding much Master the planet they injected energy is slowed Jupiter’s growth eventually is it in intensity Jupiter started sweating again to its present form where it contains two and a half times more mass having said that the sun is still a thousand times more massive and it’s Cassie offspring Sanford no straws and stripes with lots of beautiful OB it to the safe distance until 2018 no one use the death of the way down the Juno spacecraft which orbited the planet every 53 days answer this question amongst many other things I should gravitation interactive times and noticed that they had a greater gravity than the surrounding areas scientist built up a 3D image of the planet they found at the stripes to send it to a deck and maybe two thousand miles the gravity on Jupiter has fluid interior behaves like a solid number 6 going the wrong way sometimes when you point a powerful telescope into the sky you don’t find what you’re looking for but find something else that’s just as fascinating this happened in 2017 when it’s charging for these theoretical Planet X anticipated ninth planet in our solar system because there appears to be something tugging at our planets closing differences between observation and steroids to be in the direction of Jupiter.

Against Jupiter’s rotation this motion is known as retrograde for the Latin retrograde has retro meaning backwards on greatest meaning to walk one cold Vale tudo meaning illness really isn’t going to be very well soon it’s approaching a head-on with one of Jupiter’s spin moons on both are doomed Define the magnetic field like Jupiter’s composition wouldn’t just turned they’d be glued to the ground Jupiter’s magnetic field is 20000 times stronger than ours but it’s before the Juno spacecraft visited in 2016 it was Juno she is presumed the magnetic South Pole was indeed located near the geographical South but the North Pole was as a boy I was a strange magnetic ribbon and feels it was so chaotic but they resembled a plate of spaghetti with no Southern Cal this is strong South Pole around the equator ocean below the mysterious magnetic fields of Jupiter to understanding the educated guess what Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is not to learn from the chili is very different to behavior it’s about 200 degrees Centigrade colder than the surrounding area and although it’s going to be a thousand years old it keeps appearing and disappearing but it’s across with Jupiter however to come from two locations from the Moon and from charged particle Combs rising from Jupiter’s magnetosphere when Jupiter is Aurora’s a client that’s when the Great cold spot disappears when the Aurora’s intensify this bump comes back.