Google Pixel 3a Review: The Phone You Want for $400

The Google Pixel 3a might get a full heap higher towards the top of the year as Google has proclaimed Google Stadia, its cloud gambling platform that is thanks to launch in Gregorian calendar month, can at the start be exclusive to the component three and component 3a series of phones (so, the XL versions square measure enclosed too).

This means that you’re going to be ready to stream high-end games over your smartphone – Google has already proclaimed several games that’ll be accessible on the service, and they are primarily games for consoles or high-end PCs, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Borderlands three.

Google Pixel 3a Review: The Phone You Want for $400

Arthur Osipyan @arty_nyc Avatar of user Arthur Osipyan
Arthur Osipyan @arty_nyc Avatar of user Arthur Osipyan


For a mid-range phone, that’ll add a powerful quantity of gambling practicality, and it might show United States of America what the longer term of smartphone gambling is like. Stadia are accessible to different smartphones eventually, however at the start solely Google’s component phones can run it.

Google has historically courted the high-end smartphone market with its component vary, that the component 3a, pitched as a reasonable different to the Google component three, represents a notable amendment of tack for the corporate.

Launched at Google IO 2019 aboard the component 3a XL, the reasonable version of the component three XL, the Google component 3a shows the corporate is making an attempt to solid its client web wider by giving phones at a lower cost purpose than its flagship devices.

Until rumors started current this year we have a tendency to weren’t expecting Google to unharness reasonable handsets any time presently, and that we wouldn’t have expected a telephone set that’s launching at the component 3a’s value purpose to be as spectacular because it is, therefore in many ways the Google component 3a may be a very little surprise of a phone.

With several options ported over from the component three, like its last camera and Active Edge squeeze operate for launching Google Assistant, the component 3a seems to be a significant rival to its older sib. Sure, there’s atiny low specs drop, however there’s a fair larger price cutting – therefore will the component threea build the component 3 redundant?

The Google component four is on the horizon too, with the corporate revealing its own product in an effort to collect interest, therefore might the component 3a show United States of America something regarding Google’s future smartphone direction?

Google component 3a unharness date and value
The component 3a, aboard the component 3a XL, became accessible in an exceedingly vary of stores and from numerous carriers on might eight, someday when its announcement, however within the United States of America you were ready to expire on-line before then.

There’s just one power/storage option: 4GB RAM and 64GB, that prices $399 / £399 / AU$649. That’s roughly 0.5 the worth of the component three, that price $799 (£739, AU$1,199) for the 64GB storage model once it absolutely was discharged.

At this value it sits slightly cheaper than different mid-range competitors just like the OnePlus six, Xiaomi Mi nine and Honor read twenty, and that we don’t expect the forthcoming OnePlus seven or Honor twenty to beat it in terms of value either, however they’ll presumably beat it in terms of specs and options.


To look at, the Google component threea might simply be confused with the component 3 – it’s a similar-looking body with rounded edges and screen corners, and therefore the same two-tone rear style, with the highest of the phone is reflective whereas the bulk of the panel is matted; but, on the component three the fabric used for the rear is glass whereas here it’s plastic – the primary clue to the 3a’s budget standing

The similarities reach the position of the rear camera and flash on the left of the phone’s back panel, the amount rocker and power button on the correct aspect of the telephone set, and therefore the USB-C port at very cheap of the device.

There’s additionally an additional port, and it’s a welcome addition – a electro-acoustic transducer jack, that you won’t notice on several mid-range phones. On the opposite hand, there is just one front-facing speaker rather than 2, therefore media compete on the component threea doesn’t reach the bar set by the component 3.

One of the foremost helpful options of the Google component three is Active Edge, that permits you to squeeze the sides of the telephone set to summon Google Assistant, and this is often additionally gift on the component 3a, that are a few things we have a tendency to didn’t expect given the lower cost. It did feel a bit more durable to press than on the component three but, therefore we have a tendency to found ourselves having to squeeze quite tight to use the feature.

The component 3a may be a very little larger than its high-end ascendent, with dimensions of 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2mm, however it’s rather lightweight at 148g – this is often as a result of, as mentioned, rather than the glass back of the component three, the rear of the component 3a is plastic, giving the telephone set a rather less ‘premium’ feel.

The phone feels straightforward to use within the hand – the rear-mounted fingerprint device is at the correct height to form it straightforward to achieve after you devour the phone, as square measure the ability button and volume rocker on the correct aspect of the device, and therefore the show is tiny enough that almost all won’t ought to stretch to achieve something on the screen.

If you prefer smaller handsets, the Google component 3a is certainly a viable choice – its tiny dimensions build it the right pocket phone, and it’s heaps easier to use for everyday tasks like texting and checking emails than its plus-sized relative.


At 5.6 inches, the Google component 3a show is proportionate to the comparatively tiny body of the phone – that’s to mention, it’s rather tiny. If this is often a drag for you, you’ll verify the component 3a XL, however many folks don’t would like big-screen phones, and therefore the component 3a’s show is simply right for everyday functions.

The show is Full HD+ and OLED, with a resolution of 2220 x 1080, and since of the comparatively tiny screen size the pixels per in. count is very high at 441. this implies media you stream, likewise as photos you are taking, will be viewed in additional detail, though you’ll be laborious ironed to note at such a high resolution.

These specs mix to form the screen quite capable use for a range of options – however it’s undoubtedly not as spectacular because the component three. The show incorporates a rather restricted easy lay brightness and weaker color copy, each of that square measure most noteworthy once streaming media.

You won’t notice the screen quality a problem most of the time, however if you’re making an attempt to look at one thing on a sunny day, or take an image wherever color accuracy is vital, you’ll end up want for a higher show.